Writer's Block: More Island Time

You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you?
Well, this is an easy one.
First of all, my favorite book, The Sea Wolf by Jack London, my favorite book of all time. It was about  evolution vs. religion but also about life. It is very brutal, yet beautifully done. Brutality and manliness always get me.

Watership Down is the second one, a book I read every Easter without fail. It never grows old.

Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway- a manual about bullfighting, but also essays on war, death, very heavy stuff.

The Phantom Tollbooth ,Rhyme learns it cannot get around without reason, and the two needs to balance. It is one of the most clever books I have ever read.

I'd like to have all 3 volumes in The Secret of Nimh series, but I can just make due with the first one. Children's books always take me to a simpler time and place.

Finally, the manga Phoenix: a Tale of the Future by Osamu Tezuka. This book made me question religion. It's art is simple, but the story still grips me.

I love all these books so much. It's hard narrowing it down, but these are the ones I'd take.


I Feel Like Shit

This guy in my class will not leave me alone. After 5 minutes of talking to him he asked me out, for my phone number and my email. He's like "Why weren't you nice to me earlier, why did you ignore me?" I finally give him my email so he'll leave me alone.

And as soon as I walk in the door today, he asks me why I haven't emailed him. I just want to grab him and shake him roughly , screaming "GET A CLUE AND GO AWAY GODDAMN" but he is too fucking dense.

I'm always real polite with people and for some reason nerd guys automatically think since I like Pokemon we're TOTALLY MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

Then my teacher had like a total nervous breakdown or something. This one guy asked if we could write about religion and this other guy started going off on a spiel about praying in the classroom and the the teacher flipped his shit and started yelling. At the end of the class he slammed his book and was like, "OK that's enough grammar FUN for one day" and stomped out of the classroom.

It was the most awkward class ever.
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The Great Mouse Detective

You know when you watch a Disney movie you think you've never seen before, but as soon as you watch it you remember it SCENE BY SCENE? Well, this happened to me when I picked up a VHS of the Great Mouse Detective at the library. (I know I know, its on youtube already..) Anyways...I did NOT remember this scene, AT ALL. I... just watch it





Writer's Block: Taking It Personally

Have you ever taken a personality test like the Myers-Briggs or Enneagram? If so, did you agree with the results? And what was your type?
What a wierd coincidence! I had to take an emotional equivalency test for school yesterday. Out of 150 I scored 55, which I guess is failing? I guess it's true- I dont know how to relate to other people.


For my Japanese 114 class, five people need to sign up. And only four did. So now I'm fucked.
All I want to do is pass the JLPT so I can go to Kyoto Seika, and now I cant even do that. And I might have to wait up to two years before they offer Japanese 114 again.